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Sam's Processing Branch
Builds for a next possible step in Processing.
Download Binaries for Sam's Processing Branch
Downloads are made available by Data Driven Empathy LLC until this Processing Branch is merged back into mainline Processing. By downloading, you are agreeing to the license and terms of service (no warranty). These links are made temporarily available for testing out Sam's branch. These links are not intended to be permanent and this website is not providing a long term release of software.
About Sam Pottinger's Processing Branch
The Sam Pottinger branch of Processing offers the following over the mainline version of Processing:
  • Support for Java 11, OpenJDK, and OpenJFX.
  • Move to ANTLR 4 with Java 8 language features (lambdas and generics!) and localization of syntax errors.
  • Continuous integration and deployment via Travis.
  • Updated license text.
It is an incredibly exciting step forward in the Processing code base that helps the project prepare for its future while migrating to a fully open source stack and giving the community long-awaited access to important language features like lambdas and generics. It is currently being reviewed so is not yet official build from the Processing foundation and its edits are not accepted. However, like regular Processing, it is released under the same GPL / LGPL license (use at your own risk, no implied or explicit warranty of any kind).
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