Sam Pottinger
User centered data science consultant.
What can mold tell you about your supply chain? How can ants influence the way you think about your sales? Can the same mathematics that helps understand the topics of podcasts also help you understand your product catalog? Data science can help outline the full complexity of your problem space and mathematics can create coherence out of a cloud of data points. By taking a user-centered approach, Sam can help your organization gain a sophisticated comprehension of your dataset through visual analytics while also helping drive state of the art machine learning models for optimization around the right business outcomes. Data can be the medium of empathy with your users if it is treated right and data science can become a sustainable engine of growth for your company.
Sam offers data visualization, machine learning, and data engineering services from conception to production, creating tailor-fit systems that are crafted around the business need. This includes:
  • Machine learning including deep learning / computer vision.
  • Traditional statistical analysis.
  • Pipeline creation and data engineering services including Spark / Hadoop.
  • Visualization including interactive (Processing, P5, D3) and static (Tableau) options.
Sam has worked with companies across the growth curve: start up in biotech to large corporation in the consumer goods space. My work prior to DDE includes Google, Apple, and start ups with focus areas in data science, data visualization, software engineering, UX design, and engineering management. For more, see my personal portfolio.
Check out my portfolio for more information or reach out to me on LinkedIn!
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